Making digital pages is good. PRINTING those completed pages is better! Gathering your finished pages in an album or printed photo book? Well, that’s the very BEST!


Our recommendation for printing your digital pages:


1) Export each page as as JPG and save your pages to your camera roll. 


2) Open the Project Life app, tap on Create, then Editorial Page.


3) Tap on the grid icon in the corner, then select the Full Photo template.


4) With the Full Photo template now on your screen, tap on the empty square, then the photo icon will appear. You are now able to select your completed digital page, which will fill the page.


5) We recommend naming + organizing your pages in the app. With the page still there on your screen, tap on the share icon in the corner, and there you can Update Page Info (re-name) and Add to Folder.


6) Once you have a bunch of pages ready to print, tap on Order on the home screen of the app, then Current Print Order. At this point, you can add any pages to your print order, select the print sizes and quantities, etc. OR … tap on Current Photo Book Orders and create a photo book.



  1. How do I get help if my question isn’t answered here? Please tap on the “?” on the home screen of the Project Life app and submit your question so the BH team can personally help you.


  1. What format should my layouts be to export and then bring into the Project Life app for printing? JPEG format


  1. What resolution should my photos and layouts be? We recommend your photos and layouts be 300ppi.


  1. How close to the edge can I place text or elements on my layout? Make sure all important text and elements are 1/4 inch away from the edge of your layout. Anything closer to the edge may be cut off during the trimming process. 


  1. I want to create a border around my digital layout. How big should I make it? You should add at least 1/2 inch border all the way around your layout. Anything less than 1/2 inch may result in an uneven border after trimming. You will need to create your border in Photoshop Elements prior to exporting your layout to the Project Life app. Watch our video tutorial on how to add a border on our YouTube channel found here. 


  1. What adjustments should I make to my layouts prior to exporting so that they will print correctly? If you have used our “PRINT READY” Project Life templates, you do not have to make any adjustments. If you have used our original Project Life Templates or templates from another site, you will need to make adjustments to insure that your borders will be even and that nothing is cut off. To make adjustments to the margins/borders, follow the instructions below:
      1. Select all of your layers in your layers palette except for the background layer. 
      2. Click on the corner transform handle.
      3. In the tool options, click on the “constrain proportions” box (Photoshop Elements) or click on the link icon (Photoshop CC).
      4. In the width box, type 95%. The height box should automatically change to 95%. 
      5. Save your layout. 

 For more help, watch our video tutorial on our YouTube channel found here. 


7. How much do prints and photo books cost? All pricing + details are found in the print section of the Project Life app.


8. How long will it take my order to arrive? Please note: Due to the impact of COVID-19, our fulfillment time may take longer. We are sorry for the inconvenience. You should expect 7-14 business days, though delivery times may vary by location. Expect longer delivery times for Alaska and Hawaii. Prints and photo books are produced separately and therefore ship separately.


9. Do you ship internationally? We are able to ship printed pages outside of the U.S., but not photo books. 


10. Can I cancel an order I’ve already submitted? No, we’re unable to cancel an order once it’s already in process. 


11. Can I make changes to an order I’ve already submitted? No, we’re unable to make changes once the order is in process.


12. Where will my pages be printed? All print orders are fulfilled by White House Custom Colour.


13. How will my prints look compared with what the page looks like on my screen? It’s important to us that your printed pages are as beautiful as they were when created on your computer or in the app. We strive to match these as close as possible, but we do not automatically alter your images. Because computer screens and printed paper are inherently different, there may be subtle differences in colors. Since a screen emits light, and a printed image reflects light the screen image will appear brighter in most cases. Also, there may be cases where a printed image appears darker because a printer simply can’t produce all the different dark tones in the shadows of an image. We suggest that if your layout has photos taken indoors or at night that look a little dark, edit those photos to lighten them up before placing an order. 


14. Can I use a gift card to pay? No.


15. My question isn’t addressed here. How do I get help? Please tap on the “?” on the home screen of the Project Life app and submit your question so the BH team can personally help you.