Feeling overwhelmed with all of your digital photos? Are you wishing you had an organized photo library so you could utilize all of those amazing photos instead of spending too much time searching through blurry photos and screen shots? Not even sure where all of your photos are? Then let us help! With a Digital Photo Organizing Session, we will gather your photos and organize them into a system that meets your needs and relieves your photo stress. 

What you get:

• A 30 minute consultation with a certified member of the Association of Personal Photo Organizers
• Creation of a new organized photo library
• Wrap up session

    The consultation:

    Your photo organizing session will begin with a 30 minute consultation where we will discuss your specific photo needs. We will make sure a backup of your pictures is complete before any photo organizing takes place (third-party backup services not included in the price). After that, we will make a few adjustments to your computer that will allow us to remotely access your computer to organize your photos. 

    The digital photo organizing process:

    After the initial consult, you will not need to be present at your computer for the actual photo organizing. Let's be honest, you've got better things to be doing with your time, right? So while you are checking off your to-do list or enjoying a much deserved Netflix binge, we will work on getting your photo library organized in a way that benefits you most. If your digital photo organizing session requires more than one remote login session from me, we will work together on selecting a time and date where you are not in need of your computer. You won't even need to be present.

    During the photo organizing process, the following steps will take place:

    • Creation of one central location for all of your photos
    • Removal of duplicate photos
    • Blurry photos and screen shots will be marked so you can decide whether to keep them or delete them
    • Creation of a file structure in order of date that the photo was taken
    • Help creating a backup system so your photos are safe and secure

      Wrapping it up:

      After your digital photo organizing session is complete, we will make sure that the backups of your new photo library are in place and discuss tips for how to maintain your photo library going forward.

      How to book a session:

      • Click on the button below to book a consultation session. The consultation is the first step in our digital photo organizing process. 
      • You will be sent an invoice for your digital photo organizing session after booking an appointment. Payment is due on receipt. 
      • Before the appointment date, you will receive an email containing instructions to complete prior to the appointment date and also instructions for the appointment date.


          Pricing is based on a tiered structure and is dependent on the amount of photos you have. Not sure how many photos you have or if a digital photo organizing session is right for you? Schedule a 30 minute consultation with us by clicking here. You can also schedule your digital photo organizing session by using your best estimate of the number of photos you have. We can either refund you if the total number of photos is under the tier you have paid or we can bill you if the total number of photos is over the tier you have paid.  

          Questions? Email us at digital@beckyhiggins.com. If there isn't an appointment time that works for you, contact us via email and we will work with you to find a time that fits your schedule. 

          Let's get started! Click the button below to book your session!